SCG x Longtunman

SCG invites all entrepreneurs to escalate the building’s limit to fight through COVID-19. By reducing energy consumption, providing a cleaner and better inside air quality, together with other measures the building can be evaluated and qualified as a green and well-being building for a sustainable future!

With 2 new businesses from SCG to support property operators through COVID-19 in this new normal age. The businesses aim to upgrade the building and provide necessary information to be safe, comfortable, and clean with innovation and technology.

1) SCG Building & Living Care Consulting A building consultancy service by various experts whether a green building, power saving, well-being, gerontology, and universal design. Moreover, SCG’s experts are certified from diverse organizations to cover the different needs of each project. Whether the LEED, DGNB, TGBI, WELL, including ASHRAE certified professional and the only fitwel Ambassador in Thailand. Also, SCG has experts in gerontology, universal design, and Circadian Design. United as a team, SCG is ready to give a consult from designing to improving projects to meets international standards. From start to finish, from designing, planning, and material selecting for the best output in energy consumption, ventilation, and well-being within your budget plan.

In general, green buildings whether in LEED or TREES give a better advantage compared to a conventional building. The benefits come in different ways from 15% more of a project space, better feedback from tenants which lead to 25% higher rent and reach breakeven point 10% faster. Moreover, the green building consumes 10-50% less energy and water while emits 30-40% less CO2 depends on the certified type and level. In addition, WELL and fitwel focus on well-being of the users in many aspects such as fresh air, environment, safety, and cleanliness which significantly increase the productivity of the users. The statistic shows that building rent also increases in these buildings.

2) Smart Building Solution An engineering system consultancy service provides a one-stop service. SCG gives a wide range of services in the energy technology field. From air quality improvement, energy modeling, and smart solution to integrate building systems and connect to the internet. The solutions are as follow,

  • Energy WELL Series, a system to control indoor air quality with a toxic absorption system. Creating fresh, clean air while consumes less energy.
  • Energy CARE Series, combining building systems with IoT to control and regulate the system efficiently.
  • INTELL Series, combining IoT with Machine to Machine (M2M) communication in real-time. The system allows you to have effective information to manage the building
  • HYGIENE Series, improve and escalate indoor air quality by reducing bacterias and viruses including PM2.5 by using the Bi-Polar Ionization System.
The Smart Building Solution team has just installed the Energy Care series to the Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasart University. The system connected a smart air-conditioning system with a classroom reservation system. Thus, a reserved classroom will be conditioned before class and automatically turn off after the class is finish. Moreover, the system can track energy consumption to save both energy and manpower to monitor the system. In general, this system can save 20-45% of energy and will spend 3-5 years as a payback period for old buildings depends on the scale of the system.

For example, a building spends 40million baht/month or 480million baht/year for the electrical bill. This solution from Smart Building Solution will save around 96-216 million baht/year. This difference can be invested in other parts for the maximum output. This system can be implemented in both new and existing buildings all the same.

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