SCG LIVING SOLUTION BUSINESS differentiates its new building business
to enhance building standard, driving the whole eco-system

SCG Living Solution Business is heading forward to manage and develop the new business segment to raise the standard of services and provide ‘Living’ solution, accommodating residents, buildings, communities, and surrounding environment, or the whole Eco-system. To expand the business, two services were launched. SCG Building & Living Care Consulting is concerned with construction consulting services by the experts, while Smart Building Solution is a solution service provider for a comprehensive building engineering system. The consultation, such as air quality, safety, and energy-saving, is supported by knowledge and new technology that can improve and fulfill the quality of life in either existing or newly built buildings. The solution will match construction with users’ behavior to raise the standard of living and sustainability of the environment.

Mr. Wachirachai Koonamwattana, Head of Living Solution Business, SCG Cement-Building Materials Co., Ltd., disclosed that during the recent Covid-19 situation, consumers’ behavior today has changed. Adoption is accelerated in many areas; Digital Transformation is sped up among consumers. Also, consumers are obviously more active in Health and Wellness. People pay more attention to health and hygiene, so products and services related to health and safety are growing multiple times. The property market is not only focusing on building design, but also healthy living, energy-saving, and environmental friendliness. Also includes taking care of “People” living in all kinds of space; offices, commercial area, and residences. These issues will be parallel with sustainability, which has been continuously carried out. The critical trigger point of design and development of all projects in the world is the concern of well-being to enhance the healthiness and happiness of individuals living in particular areas.

Two businesses initiated to develop concept and technology; to provide consultancy on design and building certifications and guidelines with professional experiences; and, at the same time, to develop products/services and solutions about living. It will grow the businesses that can respond to both old and newly built buildings. For all users, communities, and the surrounding areas, for the better quality of life, by targeting Business to Business (B2B) such as office buildings, commercial buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, wellness-living, and Healthcare projects, housing projects, academic institutions & universities, etc

For SCG Building & Living Care Consulting, it is building consulting services by specialists and experts to promote the standard of construction that reduces energy consumption and resources during construction process and operating. The services also support wellness and healthy buildings that impact residents and surrounding communities. The buildings have to be a universal design for all generations, especially the elderly, who are the leading group of the total population in the country. The consulting services aim to upgrade and improve the construction guideline according to building standards from Thailand and global: 1) consulting services for Green Building certification qualified by LEED, DGNB, and TREES; 2) consulting services for Well-Being Building certification qualified by fitwel and WELL; 3) consulting services for energy-saving building supported by analysis and improvement recommendations (Energy Management Service); 4) building design and consulting services for the elderly and all (Universal Design).

Smart Building Solution Business is the service providers of a building systems, particularly the System Integrator facilitating the building owner’s needs. Our solution offerings are varied, from setting up the energy-saving technology, Indoor Air Quality, Smart Building by the Internet of Things (IoT) equipment, particularly air conditioning and ventilation technology (HVAC: Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning). The serviced solutions include: 1) Energy WELL Series which helps reducing energy consumption in air conditioning and at the same time, improving the air condition by filtering CO2 and more than 30 types of indoor pollutants. The circulating indoor air will be equal to or better than the outdoor air. This is a game-changer in the HVAC market that received ASHRAE Innovation award, the product of the year in 2019.; 2) Energy CARE Series, adopting Digital technology and wireless IoT to monitor and control air conditioning in the building; 3) INTELL Series, a solution using wireless IOT sensors with its uniquely strong transmission capacity that could send out and receive real-time signals so that data could be analyzed for effective building management.; 4) HYGIENE Series, improving and raising air quality in the buildings, deactivating airbourne diseases by the technology called Bi-polar Ionization System, improving the air quality affecting to health, reducing indoor air pollutants including virus and bacteria or PM2.5 for living quality and safety of all users in the buildings.

The project which SCG Building & Living Care Consulting could fulfill the client’s business requirements is building consulting services for the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), who sought fitwel certification or the building with good wellness. SCG is the pioneer in Thailand and playing a role as first Asia’s Advisory Council and supporting SET till it received a 3-star Fitwel rating version 2.1 in the Single-Tenant Building category and won the Best in Building Health 2020 award from the Center for Active Design (CfAD), which is also the Fitwel standard operator.

“The Stock Exchange of Thailand, We determine to take care of our employees and building visitors. By upgrading our building to have the environment which ensures safety and wellness, be the second home of our employees. Fitwel is the answer to effective building management, providing well-being and environmental-friendly space for the users. We thank SCG Building & Living Care Consulting team for their professionals’ determination on their consultation and recommendations for our achievement, receiving the 3-star Fitwel certification, as SET expected.” said Mr. Tada Pencheep, Director of Building Management at the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

In addition, for partnering with Smart Building Solution Business, we select Energy CARE series at the Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat Design School, Thammasat University. This is the existing building upgrade for “Smart Faculty” so that the air-conditioning system in our building is more effective: reducing energy consumption and bill, and controlled by the faculty’s online booking system. “Our Faculty realized that air-conditioning and ventilation system is the highest energy consumption and CO2 emission within all systems in the whole building. Energy CARE Series that we applied revealed data and showed our loss within the building, especially the Usage loss or the loss resulted from high building occupants, up to 45% or equal to the electricity bill reduction of 20 baht per 1-hour classroom operation. No matter how high in energy-saving or the rating label of the air conditioning, if we cannot control or eliminate the usage loss, the overall energy efficiency of our building is considered not good enough. This Solution, it could reduce such unnecessities, and decrease electricity cost for our faculty. It lessens the workload of our facility managers together with helping our officers to work more conveniently. We thank to SCG who brought the right technology responding to our Faculty and the University’s sustainability challenge” said Assistant Professor Asan Suwanarit, Dean of Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat Design School, Thammasat University.

“As a service provider, both SCG Building & Living Care Consulting and Smart Building Solution, we are pleased to be a part of the contribution to all stakeholders, including building owners, enterprises, users, and surrounding communities, to enhance the quality of life in all aspects, and also create value added to building and property in the long term” concluded Mr. Wachirachai.

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