SCG Bi-ion
   Better Indoor Air Quality
   Powered by Plasma Air

​​​​​​​​​​​​The SCG Bi-ion works by releasing both positive and negative oxygen ions that are capable of neutralizing 

This is SCG’s latest technology that is capable of producing positive and negative oxygen ions (O2+ & O2-) ubiquitously found in nature, with negative oxygen ions (O2-) being those charged with electrons and positive ones (O2+) being those stripped of electrons. As these negative and positive ions are both unstable oxygen ions waiting to return to their normal state, they will catch and combine with atoms or molecules circulating indoor before exchanging electrons, continuously removing PM2.5, bacteria, SAR-CoV-2 strains, fungal spores, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) but not harming occupants or pets inside the building. In addition, SCG’s SCG Bi-ion has been tested and certified for product safety by Intertek/ETL (UL 867), USA.

Product Benefits

1. Effectively neutralizes up to 99%* of virus and bacteria cells

  • As they divide to reproduce, bacteria and virus cells bond

       with oxygen ions and are deactivated

2. Reduces fine particles such as PM2.5

  • Airborne particles are charged by the ions that cause them

        to cluster and be caught in filters

3. Reduces VOCs and Odors

  • Oxygen ions cause a chemical reaction with VOCs,

        breaking down their molecular structure

Disclaimer: The SCG Bi-ion has used various testing methods for determining its efficacy. In addition, the product only acts as a solution to help reduce risks arising from physical contact with indoor air pollutants, and therefore is not a device for preventing personal infection. The users must still follow the Ministry of Public Health’s disease prevention guidelines including those regarding SAR-COV-2 such as social distancing, mask protocol, frequent handwashing, minimal face touching, and not sneezing in public places.

Product Catalog


Plasma Air 600 Series

Airbrush Needlepoint Bi-Ionizer with air flow capacity up to 2,400 CFM
Mountable to Split Type ACs such as Cassette, Ceiling, Wall Type, or Air Diffuser in small rooms

​​​​​​​Ideal for schools, hotels, office conference rooms, dental clinics, public transportation such as metro trains and AC buses, small restaurants, or shops not bigger than 50 m2


Plasma Air 7000 Series

Needlepoint Bi-Ionizer with air flow capacity up to 6,000 CFM

Mountable to Duct Type HVACs

Ideal for mid-size office buildings such as hospitals, school auditoriums, seminar halls, medium & large restaurants, or stores with an area of 51 m2 or bigger


Plasma Air – Plasma Bar

Needlepoint Bi-Ionizer specifically intended for commercial buildings, with airflow capacity up to 30,000 CFM 

Mountable to Air Handling Unit (AHU) or Fan Coil; size of Plasma Bar adjustable according to size of AHU or Fan Coil
Ideal for large commercial structures such as malls, hospitals, exhibition halls, office complexes, multipurpose buildings, or city halls

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