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With Edge AI, sensor devices in this network are equipped with “Intelligence” – they are capable of processing of captured signals or volume data at the very edge using embedded algorithms or neural networks that can be continuously updated by the Cloud on-demand through a narrowband connection, so as to ensure data security while benefiting from the low power and deep coverage merits of LPWAN.

Application: Facility Management
Environment Monitoring
water leak, temperature & Humidity, light, door open/close, intrusion detection

Facility fault detection
water pump, boiler, Elevator, Fan, motor

Water-level monitoring
water tank, water collection pit, sewage pit

Remote meter reading
Electricity and water-supply meters

SCG “Smart building" IAQ Covid  “Data Energy” AI “Building efficiency” "Smart Building Technology” “Intell Series”

SCG “Smart building" IAQ Covid  “Data Energy” "Maintenance Capex building" “Building automation” "Smart Building Technology” “Intell Series”

Application: Machine Maintenance
Condition monitoring and fault/life-time prediction for machines and equipment with mechanical parts based on the time-series data of their vibration signals. Our IoT INTELL series solution deploy compressive sensing and embedded machine learning to make sense of the collected data at the edge, so as to allow fast deployment of a durable system that can be added onto existing industrial operations at a very low cost

Example of Sensors