Insulation for HVAC System


SCG Insulation supply wide ranges of products which had been particularly designed for HVAC sector

The products are suitable for Air-conditioning system, energy saving and high temperature operation

SCG insulation provides a superior material for manufacturing flexible-duct by 2 outstanding benefits

Suoer flexible core material : SCG glass wool is extra resilient by SCG proprietary resin, suitable for making flexible-duct as core material.

Super water-proof: SCG glass wool adding water-repellant additive in purpose of water preventing, suitable, for flexible-duct which are risk of condensation.

Density: 16.0 kg/m3 - 48.0 kg/m3, 1.0 lb/ft3 - 3.0 lb/ft3
Thickness: 25 mm - 100mm. , 1.0 inches - 4.0 inches
Facing: fire retardant aluminum foil, perforated aluminum foil, neoprene coating, glass tissue, glass cloth

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